Mind-Body Movement Medicine for the Midlife and Beyond...

Recalibrate body and mind to your midlife rhythms and optimise your health and well-being

Movement lover. Cat mother. Human mother! :-D Thriller and trashy novel lover. Baker of ridiculous cakes. Foodie. Spoonie. Neuroscience fan. Former hellraiser and hedonist turned health optimiser.

☆ ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator
☆ CIMSPA Level 4 Exercise Referral Specialist
☆ Pilates
☆ Yoga
☆ Mindfulness
☆ Breath & pelvic floor
☆ Fitness programming and health coaching for the midlife woman

Snuggled in a niche at the intersection of embodiment, womens' health and fitness.

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★Somatics Step by Step for Complete Beginners
★Breathing for Stress, Anxiety and Better Sleep
★Somatic Movement for Back, Neck and Hip Pain
★Daily Somatics Practice - Intermediate/Advanced
★Learn Somatics Progressive Course: Beginner to Intermediate

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